About Dharini

Dharini meaning Mother Earth is an endeavour to explore, discover and showcase nature’s bounties. It is an effort to set up a single integrated platform, reaching out to various parts of India and offering all of these diverse fibres to our customers on a single platter.

Dharini is not just a brand. It’s a platform, where you can integrate the process of artistically beautifying your home and surroundings, with your desire to contribute to both, the society, and nature.

Unique Craftmanship

We bring together incredible skills of artisans and master craftsmen from remote corners of the country who have inherited and perfected their art over generations. These artists are identified, selected and mentored by us to create stunningly beautiful pieces of handicraft that enhance the beauty of your homes.

Piece of Art

Our products are the same in the sense of being associated with The Earth, yet each one of them is so very different and unique. No two bamboo baskets are of the same colour, while they could have the same form. A woven surface, like a reed mat, could have many shades of white or brown. Dharini offers you a chance to own a piece of art that is exclusive in nature: your very own, One- Of- A- Kind, crafted beauty.

Giving back to Nature

India has a rich and ancient culture of resource optimization, waste management and sustainable material usage. These not only add an element of pristine ethic to our daily chores, but also highlight the relevance of eco-friendly consumption, production and the need to restore environmental ethics in the present-day order. This is exactly what Dharini aims to endorse and promote. By buying our products, not only will you be taking your home’s aesthetics up by a notch but will also be giving back to Mother Nature in your own little way.

Supporting Green

The use of Natural Fibres helps reduce carbon footprint as it makes the process of manufacturing non-polluting. Not only are the products themselves eco-friendly, but also contain a negligible amount of chemicals, unlike goods made out of plastic, ensuring your health is not compromised at any cost.