Exclusive Natural Fibre Products

Handcrafted with
love from the heart
of India

Exclusive natural fiber products

Eco-friendly and

Exclusive Natural Fibre Products

Bounties from
Mother Earth

Exclusive Natural Fibre Products

Sustaining Rural

Giving Back to Nature

The New Fashion Statement

Eco-Friendly and Durable - using our range of Natural Fibre Products will allow you to create a new fashion statement both aesthetically and environmentally. Crafted by the incredibly skilled artisans of India, save the environment in style by purchasing your very own, one-of-a-kind, hand-woven beauty and be a societal trendsetter. Artistically beautify your home and surroundings and also contribute to both-nature and society.

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Incredible skills

Unique Craftmanship

We bring together incredible skills of artisans and master craftsmen from remote corners of the country who have inherited and perfected their art over generations. These artists are identified, selected and mentored by us to create stunningly beautiful pieces of handicraft that enhance the beauty of your homes.

Beautiful and One-of-a-Kind

Piece of Art

Our products are the same in the sense of being associated with The Earth, yet each one of them is so very different and unique. No two bamboo baskets are of the same colour, while they could have the same form. A woven surface, like a reed mat, could have many shades of white or brown. Dharini offers you a chance to own a piece of art that is exclusive in nature: your very own, One- Of- A- Kind, crafted beauty.



I used Dharini baskets to package wedding invite baskets for both my son's and daughter's weddings. They're perfect as they are eco-friendly, very usable and great looking. Highly recommended as its eco-friendly, useful and empowers women also.

Lata Shivkumar
Gurugram, Uttar Pradesh

Shopping at Dharini is a bliss. What I love about Dharini is that all its products are eco-friendly as well as beautiful. It also gives wonderful opportunity to artisans to earn by themselves and support their family. Products with a good cause.

Sonia Khanna
Delhi, India

The classy, aesthetically pleasing as well as surprisingly in-expensive basket we procured from Dharini was a real hit with every person we presented it to, filled with eatables, at the engement of our son as well as at his wedding. The kicker: some attendees left the venue without collecting their baskets and when we followed them to the car to correct this, several strangers remarked on the beauty of the product and were rewarded for this a basket each which secure their blessings for the couple!

Mr Shiv Kumar
Gurugram, Uttar Pradesh

India is a land of colors and Dharini has brought all these colors of our diverse natural fibres into wonderful sustainable pieces of utility. Each one better than the other. I really enjoy all Dharini items in my home and keep looking for new ones always.

Meenu Patpatia
New Delhi, India

I still remember the first exhibition of Dharini at Agha Khan Hall; I wanted to buy everything and did buy quite a lot. Their products are made of natural fibres and are very practival. It's a bon for people like me who avoid using plastic home essentials. I am using them from last 4-5 years and am very happy.

Namita Singh
Delhi, India